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Complimenting YOUR horse training and what YOU already know…………..

Horse Professional since 2007 and Author Zoë (van Kruiningen) Coade is fast becoming popular and a well-known horse trainer in her field.

Early 2018 the release of ZOE’S HORSE BYTES hit the main stream media where she shares all kind of video material to help inspire, educate and empower by using kind and effective methods of training.

Her debut book the horse that broke two legs’ is now published in 3 languages:  English (original), Dutch & German.

The books have also been selected & entered into the 2018 EQUUS Film Festival

In 2017 Zoe also participated as a trainer at the Mustang Makeover in Germany, a first of its kind event held in Europe.

With a light hearted humor and openness she is a person of the people, connecting easily with humans to help them become more successful with their horses.

She teaches clinics world-wide and can be found often on social media sharing her passion, life experiences and much more.

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