Zoë (van Kruiningen) – Coade 
Born London, United Kingdom (1975)

I am a Horse Professional, Instructor, Trainer and Coach since 2007.
Award winning Author & Poet (2018) Lyricist & Film Maker (2020)

I pride my-self teaching many subjects in cooperation with the true nature of the horse.
Using my knowledge, education and vast experience I combine both positive and negative reinforcement training and identify what suits each human and horse combination.

This includes everything from; problem solving, young horse starting, trailer loading, Liberty, trick training, general habits and skills right through to show-jumping, cross country, rehabilitation and Dressage of the Masters.

I am highly proactive and dedicated and know how to push myself to reach my goals.

Mia – 20 year old Irish Hunter Mare – R.I.P. 16 April 2000 – 20 August 2020
Unfortunately she had to leave us, however since she was the the inspiration of my book, it feels right to keep her mentioned here.
She was my Parelli Levels horse and from around 2015 was retired from my actual work but was mostly still able to do everything. She had the same education as Kheelen below and had been with me since she was 7 months old. I miss her indescribably and am so thankful I could be a part of her life.


Kheelen – My 10 year old Golden Connemara Gelding.
He is my business card and sidekick.
He travels with me all over Europe and is educated in many disciplines including Liberty, Freedom Riding, Academic Art of Riding up to Piaffe in-hand and under the saddle, Natural Horsemanship level 5, Stockmanship, Archery, La Garrocha and much more.
He is my main partner in all activities.

Benny – 8 year old Mini Shetland. The latest addition to our family.  Follow and join in with both Benny & Lenny’s training HERE.

After growing up with horses in the suburbs and countryside of Essex, United Kingdom, I moved to Haarlem, the Netherlands to settle down with my husband.
I understand Dutch quite well but have difficulties speaking.

2000 to current day
I travel often and in the past sometimes for months, have committed and studied with some of the best and most influential Horsemen and women all over the world.

I graduated and became a Parelli Professional under the name of Pat Parelli.
In 2016 I was awarded my third star and I resigned from this position in December 2018 to pursue my own path.

I published my first Indie book – the horse that broke two legs & survived
The book was also translated to Dutch & German.

I participated as a trainer during the very first Mustang Makeover in Aachen, Germany.

My book the horse that ‘broke two legs’ won Best International Book and my poem called ‘Equal Us’ won Best International Poem at the Equus Film Festival, New York.

I was approached by a movie Director/Producer to contribute my thoughts and star in the Award Winning documentary titled: Listening to the Horse – The Movie.

I also starred alongside my long term friend and mentor Eddy Modde in his International Award Winning song and music video: Horse Reflections.

Published my second indie book – A pocket book of poems FOR HORSE LOVERS

As a social media influencer under the wing of Go Social, I became a part of their team as a Creator.

Wrote the lyrics of my first two songs:
Non-horse related – Silence between the notes to be performed by Wrldbeat
Horse related – The Heartless Equestrian to be performed by Eddy Modde

Launched my new brand and Academy; Get good with horses.

Opened my new brand and web-store for clothing & horse equipment:

We won two more awards at the EQUUS Film Festival

Sunset Galloping Shadows won Best International mini Art movie directed by Hans Guldemond

The Heartless Equestrian won Best International music video sung by Eddy Modde


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