She was angry

Once upon a time, she was me.  Never again shall she ride my horse…….

She was angry
by Zoë Coade

She was angry, why?
Had what she asked took too long
She was angrier, still
Was the horse always so wrong?

She was mad, in fact furious
So she yanked at the bit
She was furious so
With the whip she had hit

Her fury was over
Realization started to set in
For a moment she saw sense
She had felt her wrongdoing

Her mood changed to sorrow
She questioned what she had done
She was sad, so very sad
Could her damage be undone?

Her sadness turned to pity
The horse could feel her pain
Yet the pity aroused her devil
As she picked up the rein

She was angry again, why?
Darn ego and pride
So serious and unforgiving
My horse she shall never ride


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