The Art

My view and perspective of what Dressage should look like……

The Art
by Zoë Coade

The power, the secret,
the beauty and the glory,
is the lowering of the haunch at the hip,
hock and the knee!

Gymnastics in abundance,
clarified with tiny releases,
taking years to perfect,
explaining all the different pieces.

A king’s horse in the making,
stallion, gelding or mare,
proud, elegant and educated,
where one can’t help but stare!

Smooth muscles well formed,
dominate their body,
years of practice and study,
it is more than just a hobby.

Simply the leather straps and sticks
aid in the shape,
done well with love and kindness,
a majestic language you can create.

Regal in their steps and strides,
their presence is electric,
too often copies and fakes are produced
to feed the egocentric.

Through bending of their body and joints,
they become a master of yoga,
both in standstill and forwards,
solid top-line under and over!

No need to drive the horse to a place
where sweat is dripping from the chest,
to the point of being tormented,
abused and badly in need of rest.

Fitness and muscle memory
can be built-in slowly every day,
eventually it feels so easy;
the horse thinks it’s time to play.

A variety of these manoeuvres
replicate the war-horse,
executed quintessentially;
a silent language without trauma, or force.


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